since 2008.

Original equipment manufacturer of solar panels

Auxin Solar has been operating with:


Auxin Solar’s manufacturing facility is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in California.

Enjoy short product lead times and quick delivery to project sites and distribution centers.

Save on trucking costs.

Respond to your customers on production status and product support in real-time. You will be connected to your manufacturer in the US timezone.


Bill of materials, equipment, and process are essential to ensuring a 25 year performance guarantee.

Focus on quality has resulted in Auxin’s panels having industry leading PTC ratings.

Quality is not only measured in the end product, but in every aspect of our relationships with our customers. Enjoy full transparency on the production schedules and delivery dates.


Since 2008, Auxin Solar has been dedicated to creating American manufacturing job

We take pride in producing locally what we consume.

Auxin Solar is the oldest CSPV manufacturer in the USA.

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